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Plenty of sun, clear blue sky, endless beaches and clean waters compose the relaxing scenery in Paralio Astros. Landscape beauty is not though reduced in the summer months, since the village offers direct access to the mountainous personality of Arcadia. Attractive highlands, multiple peaks, canyons with unique wild beauty and deep valleys form the Mount Parnon scenery. Three streams begin in the slope of the mountain and flow into the Argolis Gulf. The area is full of further natural beauties, such as waterfalls, caves, springs and flowing waters.

Wetland of Moustos

Moustos wetland is located very close to Paralio Astros. The small and shallow lake is connected to the sea with two artificial water channels. It is considered of high importance for the region as it provides shelter to many species of plants and animals, such as fish, eels, swans, herons, ducks and other waterfowl birds. Many visitors swim close to the spring with the cold water for therapeutic reasons.

Distance: 8 km (about 10’)

Canyons & Waterfalls

In the wider area around Paralio Astros visitors can explore two characteristic gorges of the streams Tanos and Vrassiatis. The routes to walk along the streambeds are various. Tanos gorge begins from Kastri villages and Agios Petros, while the Vrassiatis one reaches Agios Andreas village. Moreover, the impressive gorge of Loulougka has mumerous ponds and dozens of small waterfalls and therefore attracts members of mountaineering clubs and trekking groups. During winter all gorges become inaccessible.

Regarding waterfalls, the most imposing is that of Loulougka cataract under Sitena village. The magic scenery is completed by Lepida waterfalls, which are situated between Platanos and Agios Ioannis villages.

Distance: From 15 km (about 20΄)

Ecological Park of Parnon

With an altitude of 1936 m Mount Parnon is characterised by a rich flora and fauna. Excluding its highest peaks, the mountain has lush vegetation and relative smoothness. To climb Parnon visitors can travel from Astros or other nearby villages (Ano Doliana, Agios Andreas).

The mountain is covered by numerous and diverse forests. Over 700 m in altitude the area reveals coniferous forests of pine, cedar and fir as well as chestnuts in Kastanitsa, Agios Petros and Kastri villages. Around Malevi monastery there is a unique in Europe cedar forest, thus the area has been declared as a protected natural monument under the European Natura 2000 Network. The peaks with an altitude over 1500m have been declared protected as well.

Distance:From 15 km (about 20΄)