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Home : Paralio Astros
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A unique destination for relaxation and entertainment in the Mediterranean. The picturesque seaside village Paralio Astros is located in the Greek region of Arcadia in the eastern Peloponnese, just 2 hours from Athens.  Combining coastal and mountainous beauty with a variety of activities, the village forms an extraordinary choice for summer holidays and short breaks from the daily city routine.

Paralio Astros lies along a great and wonderful beach, while the traditional settlement stands on a ‘star’-shaped hill, out of which the name of the village, the so called ‘island’ by the locals.  A beautiful medieval castle at the top of the hill overlooks the village, offering a breathtaking view of the Mirtoon Sea Coast and the mainland.

The old settlement on the hill is connected with the newest part of the village developed along the beach at the central green square and the scenic port.  Seafood restaurants, cafes and bars spread across the site, creating ideal conditions for all, young and adults.  The summer theater and the old lighthouse complete the picturesque landscape.

Paralio Astros is well-known for its readily accessible 10-km-long coastline, which is one of the nicest and cleanest beaches of Greece.  Callisto coast has been for several years indeed the only beach winner throughout Arcadia of the internationally recognized Blue Flag award.  Further sandy beaches of the village, called Doors and Atsinganos, present excellent sand quality and compatible waters, ideal for young children and the elderly.  Warm waters generally characterise the Astros beaches, marking the village as a unique destination for swimming and relaxing, from early May until mid-autumn.