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Historical sites

Kynouria, a border area between Argos and Sparta, has been created as a province since antiquity. North Kynouria (Thyreatida land) included four towns: Thyrea, Nirida, Anthini and Eva. The archaeological sites of the region refer to Thyrea (Hellinikon) and Eva (Herodes Atticus’ villa). Further historical sights created during the Frankish period are linked with the Greek War of Independence. (P. Astros Castle – Oria Castle).

P. Astros Castle

In Paralio Astros a beautiful medieval castle is situated at the hilltop village, which overlooks the harbour. Completed in 1256 AD by William Villehardouin, prince of the Peloponnese during the years of Frankish rule, it was used as a fortress. Its position enabled visual contact and communication "through fire" with the Mycenae acropolis and the Oria Castle. In the later years of Turkish rule Zafiropoulos brothers, wealthy merchants living abroad, returned to the region and repaired the castle. In 1826 during the Greek War of Independence, the defenders of the castle under the command of General Panagiotis Zafiropoulos, the so-called "Akouros", fought heroically and counter-attacked on the plain before the fort forcing the Egyptian army of Ibrahim in retreat. Today, the site of the castle is free for visitors all year round.

Herodes Atticus’ Villa

The most important archaeological monument of the region around Astros is this villa in the ancient town of Eva in today’s Doliana village in Kynouria (Loukou area). Recently discovered, it is considered one of the richest archaeological sites in Europe, as the wealth of architecture, sculptures and mosaics of the findings is surprising. Built in the 2th AD century by the extremely wealthy Athenian founder of the Odeon (theatre) of Herodes Atticus in Athens, the luxurious villa in Eva was a great complex of over 20,000 sq.m. It was built in accordance with the principles of Roman architecture and urban planning and presents a large rectangular central courtyard, which forms an outdoor garden decorated with various sculptures.

Distance:7 km (about 10’)


On the road from Astros town to Agios Petros village, travelers can visit Hellinikon, a location which is probably identified as the other ancient town of Northern Kynouria, Thyrea. Remains of the ancient settlement and the surrounding wall from 5th, 4th, 3th centuries BC are situated on a hill as well as remnants of buildings and tanks of the same era. The site presents traces of habitation even from the Mycenaean period.

Distance:12 km (about 15΄)

Oria Castle

Close to Agios Ioannis village in Kynouria, and over a hill at ‘Xirocampi’ location, visitors can find remains of the Oria Castle, a medieval fortress built during the Frankish rule. Its position enabled visual contact and communication "through fire" with Paralio Astros Castle. According to tradition, the castle belonged to a brave beautiful Frank lady, who fought inside it against the Turks for 12 years. She finally jumped out from the castle in the vacuum, when the castle fell to the enemy. On the site are still remains of the fortifying wall, gates and a tower.

Distance: 20 km (about 45’)